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Marilouise Hughes - This girl from Claregalway brings a wealth of experience in event planning, Christmas parties, birthdays, masses – you name it! When she’s not busy being the Social Queen with a Globe Trotting lifestyle to rival Kim Kardashian, she heads up a financial compliance team & is dog mom to the coolest gangster doggies in town, Ronnie & Reggie. Known for her attempts at setting up the St Patrick’s Society Yoga Class in the early hours of the morning outside Jo Bananas on Luard Road. First up is “The Plank”, followed by “Downward Dog”!

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Bridget Mullane Bridget is in the business of building bridges both literally and figuratively. This human Dynamo from Newcastle West, Limerick is either trotting around construction sites in her hard hat or supporting and networking at Charity and business events in Hong Kong in her heels. Never far from her laptop and the eternal quest for a plug to charge it, Bridget has brought her boundless energy to the Committee and is much appreciated for her IT organisation, diplomatic and negotiation skills. Fond of the black liquid nectar, she may be found later on tonight instructing the Bartenders in Wan Chai on the correct tilt of the glass and the right settling time for that perfect pint of Guinness... all who wait anxiously to hear her say “shur... it’ll be grand”!

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Marilouise Hughes We finally managed to lure Marilouise over to the dark-side to the Committee this year and boy it was worth it! This girl from Claregalway brings a wealth of experience in event planning, Christmas parties, birthdays, masses – you name it! When she’s not busy being the Social Queen with a Globe Trotting lifestyle to rival Kim Kardashian, she manages to squeeze in heading up a global compliance team & is mom to the coolest gangster doggies in town, Ronnie & Reggie. Later tonight she will be leading the inaugural St Patrick’s Society Yoga Class at 4.30am outside Jo Bananas on Luard Road. First up is “The Plank”,followed by “Downward Dog”!

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Graeme Martin When ex-president, Graeme isn’t manning the skies for Cathay or adjudicating premier league rugby games you will find him with his loving family - wife Fiona and sons Jake and Zach. The boys at Presentation College in Bray will tell you this past member of the Irish Defence Forces is a true peacekeeper and always happy to volunteer to help. They are right as the St Pats society would be a lesser place without him. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No; its a Silver Swallow....

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Noel Smyth Our resident publican is easily identified by his sharp suits and box-fresh white loafers. His many years of experience on the committee – including two as president – make him a font of knowledge and in many ways, the wise old Mammy of the group. It’s fair to say that many of us have dropped off to sleep having drank from his (whiskey) bottle. Noel’s continuing hard work is vital to the society and without him, tonight’s event wouldn’t be half the slick affair that you see before you.

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Aisling Dwyer This champagne drinking, hockey playing, yummy mummy has recently bagged herself a place on the ‘Top 40 Under 40’ legal professionals in Asia!! WHOA! #shesnailedit #typicalcorkwoman #hotshotlawyer When she’s not instructing others or polishing her accolades, she’s dealing with St Pats admin, ninja style. Our green card sponsors would be nothing without Aisling’s quality PR! With her beautiful handbags, thirst for fine wine and no-need-to-argue negotiation skills, she’s the model committee member, putting the rest of us to shame. Saskia has a super-mama on her hands and Ian has definitely struck gold!

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Lucy Bans Lucy joined the Committee this year, not only to satisfy our quota of folks from the Wesht but to bring the Society into the 21st century and beyond with her amazing tech skills. She is a force to be reckoned with,
managing two gorgeous kids at home, a team of IT experts at work, a Scottish husband (can’t be easy!) and now the social media needs of the Society, and all with a glass of beer (and glamorous handbag) in hand. You can catch her IGing, tweeting and dropping hashtags on behalf of @stpatrickssociety so be sure to follow her.

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Stephen Browne Hailing from Dublin, Stephen is a trained barrister which, he tells us, is different to the qualifications held by Starbucks employees. Stephen moved to Hong Kong in 2016, working as General Counsel for a new technology firm and last year became one of the co-founders of a Crypto currency start-up. He joined the Saint Patrick’s Society committee this year to offer his legal mind and tech savviness. Unfortunately Stephen paid for his ball tickets in Bit Coin, but by the time we got them to the bank the coins could only buy us half a lager.

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Dave McNally Larger than life and better than most our Bostonian is a humble fella all the same. One of the many legal minds on the committee Dave is more of a lover than a fighter although not sure I’d want to be the paper bag. A proud family man with an uncanny ability to arrange meetings on a Monday morning which coincidently coincides with the latest American Football game –there are sharp knives in the drawer and then there is Dave. The beer doesn’t need to be green for this fella..... endless will do.

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Mikey Barry Originally from Co. Clare, and a former Chairman of the HKGAA, (he tells us he’s a proficient hurler), brings much needed “charisma” to the GAA contingent, on the Committee. Married to Anika, with baby daughter Lindy, in tow. Recently passed his 10-year milestone in Hong Kong, celebrated by setting up the Irish Real Estate and Construction Association. And to top it all off, in December, he was awarded a Lifetime membership of HKGAA for all his services to GAA in Asia. Well done. Mikey.

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Article 33 of the Society’s Articles of Association provides that no person shall be eligible for election to the General Committee at any general meeting, unless he or some other member intending to propose him, has at least fourteen clear days before such meeting, left at the office of the Society, a notice in writing signifying his candidature for the office or the intention of such member to propose him

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