Green Card Membership

LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP of the St Patrick’s Society costs just $888 and entitles you and yours to discounted entry to many of our events and excellent discount at the following bars and restaurants

Mc Sorleys, Calimex, House of Fine Wines, Delaneys, El Charro, Shamrock Catering Group, Eclipse Hospitality Group, Star Tailors HK, Rula Bula, Sport4Kids, Ganymeded Ltd.

St. Patrick’s Society Bank details:

To join please make the payment to the bank details below, making note of the transfer reference number and complete the following form.

Bank: HSBC
Bank Number: 004
Branch Number: 600 (some banks require this no. e.g. Citibank)
Account Number: 600-622351-001
Account Name: St. Patrick’s Society of Hong Kong Ltd.

Note 1: Complete all compulsory sections of the online form. By submitting the application form online, the Member is deemed to have signed the application form and agreed to the terms and conditions of membership.

Note 2: New members will be “Proposed”and “Seconded” at the AGM each year, to ensure that there are no objections. Therefore membership will be considered as probationary until the AGM. However any members on probation will have full membership privileges.